Bore da Mexico!

12 October 2022

Osian Pryce is in Mexico, where he’ll contest the famous La Carrera Panamericana Road Race.

The newly-crowned British rally champion will drive a 1963 Jaguar Mk2 in the Historic B section and be co-driven by Claire Williams.

“A very last-minute opportunity came up last week to be a stand in driver for the Apparently Racing team, on the famous La Carrera Panamericana Road Race,” said Osian.

“The 3,500km journey over seven days will be a completely different event to what I’ve ever done before but a huge challenge nevertheless. 

“I’ll be at the wheel of a Mk2 Jaguar, and it will be an all Welsh crew in the car as Claire Williams is the car’s original co-driver.

“I have no idea what to expect, but will take it all in, and hopefully get to the end of this event.”

The La Carrera Panamericana starts from the Gulf of Mexico port city of Heroica Veracruz on 14 October and finishes in Durango, a small city near the New Mexico border, on 20 October.